About Us

My sister, Julie, and I have always laughed together.  Sometimes due to a shared, funny experience, sometimes to ease an uncomfortable situation, sometimes when making fun of each other and sometimes even during church.  But we’ve always laughed.  That is why when we began forming RacyTees, we chose to spread joy through our T-shirt designs.

It also prompted us to think about just what it is that does make people laugh.  Is it something unusual?  Something uncomfortable?  Something Silly?  Something new?  When it came right down to it, there were many reasons why people laugh.  We also knew that what was funny to some certainly wasn’t always funny to others.  In the end, we decided to focus on what was amusing to us and came up with these guidelines for our designs:

  1. They needed to be edgy… something that might be a little shocking to hear from us.
  2. They needed to be subtly suggestive, with a twist or a play on words and ideas.
  3. They needed to resonate with us
  4. They needed to be current

Once our guidelines were in place the ideas started rolling in.  Almost everyday we would call each other to share a new design idea or expression that made us laugh.  It was so much fun!!!

Then the hard work began.  We quickly found ourselves researching all kinds of ways to develop, market and grow our company.  There were countless discussions and decisions, and we admit….a few fights, which we can laugh about now.

We aren’t  sure where this journey will lead us or what we might struggle with or learn along the way but we know this for sure….together, we will always be laughing!