Artist-Haley Driscoll


In the Beginning….there was Haley 

Say, “hey” to our very first artist, Haley Driscoll.  At RacyTees, we like to say it all began with her.  

When we started to pursue our dream of opening a t-shirt company, we quickly realized that our artistic skills needed a little perfecting.  Then we came across some designs that Haley, a longtime family friend, had posted on her Facebook page.  

We reached out to her to see if she would draw up a few designs for us and VOILA!... RacyTees was born. 

Haley is from Littleton, Colorado.  She is currently attending Rollins College where she plays volleyball and studies social entrepreneurship.  When she’s not studying, she enjoys hiking and going on adventures.  

Hayley’s journey to becoming an artist began when she took a drawing/watercolor class during her senior year of high school and she realized how much she enjoyed it.  She credits her mom as her inspiration.  “My mom has always been crafty and is an amazing artist!”

Every day we are thankful for Haley’s fun-loving, willing attitude and her unique artistic flair.  Her hippie style and free flowing designs provide great inspiration. Currently we are featuring Haley’s “Lookin at Life” and “Cannabus” designs  and are super excited to see what else Haley will come up with next! 

💜💕Love you Haley!